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Are these good for people who with accessory navicular syndrome?Updated 8 months ago

Archies Flip Flops are great for people with foot issues such as accessory navicular. The arch support helps to support the foot in a more optimal position and the foam helps provide support and cushioning.

One of the other key designs to point out with Archies Flip Flops is they have tighter straps which reduces toe clawing. The problem with regular flat footwear is they are often heavy and have loose straps that your feet and toes have to work or "claw" to keep them on your feet. This can lead to tired, achy feet at the end of the day and long-term overuse injuries to your tendons (inc plantar fasciitis). 

Our Archies Flip Flops however have tighter straps, so they hold onto your feet rather than the other way around. Plus they are extraordinarily light in comparison to regular footwear.

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