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Are they good for swollen feet?Updated 8 months ago

Generally speaking, Archies Flip Flops are fine to be worn by people with swollen feet and they can even be quite good for them as they give the feet a break from wearing tight, constrictive footwear which allows them to get some much-needed fresh air!

Archies Flip Flops cannot help with most causes of swelling. However, swelling can also occur from musculoskeletal origins. If this is the case for you, our footwear may offer some benefit by improving feet posture which has a direct effect on the alignment of the rest of the body.

As Archies Flip Flops are made from a soft foam, they can be great for reducing the pressure on your feet which may help prevent swelling.

Most other footwear typically have hard plastic or rigid fabric straps, which means they may be less accommodating for people whose foot size fluctuates due to swelling. However, Archies Flip Flops are the perfect choice for people with swollen feet as our footwear is made from a soft foam material and the straps are very elastic and stretchable.

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