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Warranty ClaimsUpdated 9 months ago

While our footwear is designed to be super strong and durable, there are some cases where they might break. This could be due to things like an odd manufacturing fault, wear and tear from prolonged use, or catching them at the wrong angle.

What is covered by the Archies Footwear warranty?

All Archies Footwear products purchased from our official online store or authorized retailers are covered by a 6-month warranty against manufacturing faults.

What should I do if I receive a faulty item or my footwear develops a fault?

Please contact our customer service team with the following information:

1. Your order number and email address

2. A photograph of the fault

3. A photograph of the size stamp underneath the pair

For retail purchases - we would need proof of purchase and your shipping information

Can I get a replacement if my footwear is faulty and within the warranty period?

Yes, if your pair is within the warranty period and terms, we'll offer you a replacement or store credit. Please note that no refunds can be given for retail purchases.

What is not covered by the Archies Footwear warranty?

Our warranty does not cover external damage to the footwear such as cuts, scrapes, dog bites, or cat scratches.

Do I need to return my faulty pair to process the warranty claim?

Yes, please do not throw away your faulty pair as you'll need to return it to us to process the warranty claim. You'll also be required to submit photographs. 

How do I lodge a warranty claim?

1. Contact customer support with the above information

2. We will then initiate a warranty return on your order

Can Archies Footwear reject a warranty claim?

Yes, we reserve the right to reject any warranty claims that we believe have not occurred due to fair/normal use or in instances outside of the above terms and conditions.

How do I submit a warranty claim if I purchased my footwear from a retailer?

Contact our customer service team for assistance.

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