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Are Archies Flip Flops non-slip?

Archies Flip Flops have grip, however, they are not non-slip. Our advice when wearing them on slippery surfaces is the same that we would give to someone wearing any type of footwear on a wet and slippery surface, slow down and be extra careful!. We

Are Archies Flip Flops water proof?

Archies Flip Flops are all open-toed, water can get on top of them. However, in terms of water getting inside them, as they are all one-piece foam construction and do not contain any fabric or glued parts, they are waterproof, water cannot get inside

Do you recycle Archies Flip Flops?

Yes! We’re so excited to have found a company in Australia that is able to recycle the material that our flip flops are made from. All flip flops that are returned to our warehouse that are in non-wearable condition, are stored and then shipped to Au

Are Archies Flip Flops ecofriendly?

Archies Flip Flops are made from a thermoplastic foam that is 100% non-toxic. They are not yet biodegradable, however, we are working really hard to make this happen in the future. We do have a recycling and upcycling program in place. About our ques

Where are Archies Flip Flops made?

We are an Australian company and Archies Flip Flops are 100% designed in Australia. Due to the specialized nature of our footwear and the lack of suitable manufacturers in Australia, we manufacture our flip flops at our partner factory in China. Our

Are Archies Flip Flops vegan friendly?

Yes! Our flip flops are 100% vegan friendly. Archies Flip Flops are made from foam only, there are no animal derivatives used in our flip flops. There is also no testing on animals

What are Archies Flip Flops made from?

The primary ingredient used to make the flip flops is premium quality foam. The material is non-toxic and is the predominant raw material used in the bases of nearly all runners, ladies' shoes, school shoes, and flip flops