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My flip flops are making a clapping / flopping soundUpdated 9 months ago

Sometimes Archies Flip Flops can make a flip 'flop' sound! However, don't stress it is an easy fix! Regarding the clapping / flopping noise - while it may be annoying you, it's actually a good thing for your feet, as it means that the flip flops are doing their job correctly.

Archies Flip Flops have been designed with a tighter strap than normal flip flops. The good news is, while a tight strap is essential for normal foot function, it is very, very easy to instantly fix this problem by stretching the strap and toe pole to reach your desired level of tightness!

However, before you do consider doing that, please read the below information:

Archies Flip Flops have been designed with a tighter strap than normal flip flops, this is because, in flip flops with a loose strap, the toes claw down in an attempt to keep the flip flops on the feet.

Usually, when you walk, your toes are supposed to point/bend upwards. When the toes point/bend upwards, this activates the arch of the foot which helps provide protection and support to the vital structures of the feet.

When the toes claw down such as when trying to keep the flip flops on the feet, the arch does not activate correctly which means that you do not get the protective support from the arch of the foot like you are supposed to. This can leave the foot tired and achy, vulnerable to stress and potential injury.

The tighter strap found in Archies Flip Flops (responsible for the clapping sound) helps to reduce toe clawing which may enable you to walk more naturally. It is important to know, that if the strap feels a little too tight at first, do not worry, the strap is very elastic, and within a few days of wear, the strap will gradually stretch and mold to the shape of your feet.

However, if the strap continues to feel too tight and makes a clapping noise (and this annoys you), it is very easy to stretch the strap and the toe pole to decrease tightness. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at customer support. 

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