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Tips for a Comfy Fit in Archies Flip Flops

Tips to get the most out of your flip flops

My flip flops are uncomfortable. Will this improve?

Yes, in most cases, we find that — with time and wear — our flip flops become considerably more comfortable. Like all new shoes, our footwear has a wearing-in period. The reason for this is that the footbed is designed to mould to the shape of your f

My straps are too tight - how to stretch them

Archies Flip Flops are intentionally designed with a tighter strap and toe pole as it's better for your feet because it allows more optimal foot function. However, the good news is, while a tight strap is important for normal foot function, it is ver

My flip flops are squeaking, is there anything I can do to fix this?

Occasionally when the flip flops are brand new, they can squeak if some sweat develops underneath the foot. The squeaking will typically go away once the flip-flops are worn in, and some of the initial sheens wear off. In the instance, the flip flops

Archies Flip Flops and the initial feeling of the arch support

Are Archies Flip Flops instantly comfortable for everyone?. Most people find Archies Flip Flops to be instantly and unbelievably comfortable. However, for some people, getting used to the support can take some time and may even cause some soreness. A

My Archies Flip Flops feel like they are a little shiny on top, will this wear off?

Archies Flip Flops texture can vary a little depending on which part of the manufacturing cycle they were made in. Typically, the flip flops have a nice 'rubber-like' feel (even though the flip flops do NOT contain rubber), occasionally, when the fli

My flip flops strap has loosened / stretched. Is there a way it can be tightened?

While the straps of Archies Flip Flops are tighter than normal flip flops, unfortunately, over time, the strap will eventually stretch and lose some of its original tightness, the same way clothing will stretch over time if you wear it a lot. Once st

My flip flops are making a clapping / flopping sound

Sometimes Archies Flip Flops can make a flip 'flop' sound! However, don't stress it is an easy fix! Regarding the clapping / flopping noise - while it may be annoying you, it's actually a good thing for your feet, as it means that the flip flops are

My Archies Flip Flops are too hard, what do I do?

Archies Flip Flops have a patented footbed that molds to the shape of your feet as you wear them. When they are new, the material still needs to soften and shape to suit your feet. This could also be a reason for the arch feeling uncomfortable for so

Will my feet sweat in Archies Flip Flops?

Archies are made from extremely high-quality closed-cell foam. Our foam does not have any antibacterial agents added to it, however, as the foam is closed cell, this means, bacteria, dirt, and grime cannot get trapped in footwear. This is why we rare

How long will Archies Flip Flops last?

With proper care, you should get 1 to 2 summers of excellent use. After the first year, the lifespan depends on the following factors:. However, generally speaking, the flip flops are exceptionally strong and durable. They will almost always wear out

Cleaning instructions

Archies Flip Flops can get dirty as we wear them in so many different environments! However, the great news is they clean so easily and look brand new!. To clean them follow the steps below:. 1. Using warm water, vigorously wash the flip-f

Take care when walking down steep embankments in flip flops

If you are walking down a very steep embankment in the flip flops, this can place the toe pole under excessive pressure causing it to stretch. If walking down a very steep embankment, you may want to consider taking the flip flops off, otherwise you

Avoid leaving Archies Footwear in direct sunlight

For maximal product performance, when you are not wearing your Archies Flip Flops, you should avoid leaving them where they will be exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight. Leaving Archies Flip Flops uncovered in excessive

Why do Archies Flip Flops have a tighter strap and is it good for you?

Archies Flip Flops have been designed with a tighter strap than normal flip flops because it’s better for your feet and encourages a more natural walking pattern. Normally when you walk, your toes are supposed to point/bend upwards. When the toes ben