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Will my feet sweat in Archies Flip Flops?Updated 9 months ago

Archies are made from extremely high-quality closed-cell foam. Our foam does not have any antibacterial agents added to it, however, as the foam is closed cell, this means, bacteria, dirt, and grime cannot get trapped in footwear. This is why we rarely hear of anyone getting sweaty feet or finding the footbed to feel slippery! 

Occasionally there is microscopic residue on the flip-flops that could be creating this perspiration. If this is the case you could try giving your Archies a good clean with warm water, cloth, and soap or sprinkling some baby powder on them which often helps them from feeling slippery.

We have a 60-day comfort guarantee. In this, we allow you to wear the flip flops for 60 days, and if you are not happy with them, you can send them back for a product refund less the return postage cost. 

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